- The Best Simulation Games for Learning About Space and Spacecrafts -

MiscBy - Christina

1. Kerbal Space Program: This popular game allows players to design, build and launch their own spacecrafts into space. With realistic physics and NASA-like missions, players can learn about orbital mechanics and the challenges of space flight.

2. Universe Sandbox: With this game, players can explore and manipulate the universe as they see fit. With realistic simulations of everything from black holes to galaxy collisions, players can experiment and learn about space in a fun and interactive way.

3. SpaceEngine: This game allows players to explore the universe in real time, with accurate representations of stars, planets and galaxies. With a focus on realism, players can learn about the characteristics and properties of celestial bodies.

4. Star Citizen: In this game, players can join a community of space explorers and engage in everything from trading to combat missions. With a wide variety of spacecrafts and an expansive universe to explore, players can learn about the exciting possibilities of space exploration.

5. No Man's Sky: This game allows players to explore a procedurally generated universe, with a focus on exploration and discovery. With an infinite number of planets to discover and study, players can learn about the diversity of our universe.

6. Elite Dangerous: With this game, players can experience what it's like to be a space pilot, trading, mining and exploring their way through a vast universe. With realistic depictions of planets and star systems, players can learn about space travel and the challenges of surviving on the edge of the universe.

7. Eve Online: This massive multiplayer space game allows players to join factions and engage in space battles, mining and trading. With a complex economy and political system, players can learn about the intricacies of managing a space society.

8. Star Trek Bridge Crew: This VR game allows players to step into the role of a Starfleet officer, operating the controls of a starship and working together with a team to explore and complete missions. With a focus on teamwork, communication and problem-solving, players can learn about the challenges of space exploration in a fun and immersive way.

9. Star Wars Battlefront II: This game allows players to engage in space battles, piloting spacecrafts in dogfights and taking part in large-scale battles. With realistic depictions of the Star Wars universe, players can learn about the iconic spacecrafts and characters of the franchise.

10. Mars Horizon: This game allows players to take control of a space agency and lead it through the challenges of space exploration, from designing spacecrafts to managing resources. With a focus on strategy and problem-solving, players can learn about the real-world challenges of space exploration and colonization.