- 5 DIY home decor projects that anyone can do -

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1. Upcycled Wooden Sign: Convert an old wooden board into a unique sign that can be hung up on any interior wall. Clean and sand the board before adding any text or designs using a stencil, stickers, or paint. You could also use a wood burner to create designs or letters for your sign.

2. Decorative Cork Boards: Cork boards are an excellent way to keep your schedule organized and highlight your favorite photos. To create your own corkboard, simply frame a cork sheet with wooden strips and add decorative paper or fabric to the surface to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

3. Wreaths: Wreaths are a great DIY decor project that can be used to decorate any indoor or outdoor space. Make wreaths out of old clothes or any other soft materials to add a personalized touch to your home decor. You can also add ribbons or dried flowers to the wreath to give it a stunning finish.

4. Terrariums: Terrariums are a low-maintenance way to bring some greenery into your home without overspending. Gather glass jars, pebbles, soil, and plants to create your terrarium. Terrariums can be customized according to your preferred plants and sizes.

5. Dyed Ombré Pillows: You can transform old plain pillows into trendy ombré cushions using fabric dye. Choose your preferred color, mix the dye according to its specification, and add your pillowcase into the dye to soak for a particular period. Once dry, sew any needed details like tassels or buttons onto the fabric, and then insert the cushion into the cover.

6. Tasselled Blankets: To add some texture to your living room or bedroom, create a tasselled blanket. You can do this by cutting long strips of fabric or yarn and knotting them together around the edges of a plain or patterned blanket, with tassels facing outward.

7. Coffee Filter Flowers: Coffee filter flowers are an affordable way to make your home feel colorful and lively. Using a combination of food coloring and coffee filters, you can make flowers in any color you like. Make sure to vary the size of the petals to give them a realistic look.

8. Painted Candle Holders: Simply add some color and character to a plain glass candle holder by painting it with acrylic paint. You can paint creative floral designs, geometric shapes, or abstract art, depending on your preferred style.

9. Geometric Wall Art: Easily add a touch of modern elegance to your living room with geometric wall art. Purchase a large wooden board, then measure and mark out your desired geometric shapes with masking tape. Paint the individual shapes in contrasting colors and remove the masking tape once the paint has dried.

10. Personalized Wall Art: Use old or unused photo frames to create personalized wall art that tells a story. Just choose a theme or color scheme, add any photos or small trinkets, and use letters or stencils to spell out words, names, or phrases that hold significance.