- Enhance Your Charging Experience with the 7-in-1 Desktop Power Strip -


By - Yuki

Power Strip with USB C - Extension Cord with 3 Outlets 4 USB Ports (22.5W/4.5A), 5ft, Addtam Flat Plug Desktop Charging Station, Non Surge Protector for Cruise Ship, Dorm Room Office Home Essentials


 In our increasingly connected world, finding enough outlets to charge all our devices has become a daily struggle. Enter the innovative solution that promises to transform your charging routine – the 7-in-1 Desktop Power Strip. This versatile power strip offers a plethora of benefits, from efficient charging capabilities to a sleek design that complements any environment. In this article, we'll explore the features that make this power strip a game-changer for your charging needs.

Efficiency and Simplicity:

The 7-in-1 Desktop Power Strip is a powerhouse when it comes to charging capabilities. With the ability to turn a single socket into three outlets and four USB ports, this device can simultaneously charge up to seven devices. Imagine effortlessly charging your cellphone, laptop, tablet, and cameras without the hassle of using various converters. This power strip is designed to simplify your life by keeping all your devices powered up and within easy reach.

USB C Fast Charging Station:

One standout feature of this power strip is its USB C fast charging station. Equipped with two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports, it offers a total output of 5V/4.5A. The USB-C port shines by providing a remarkable charging speed – up to 30% faster than conventional 15W power strips. Its dual USB-C charging ports are not only convenient for your phones, tablets, and laptops but also boast smart charging technology that automatically detects your devices for optimal charging efficiency.

Space-Saving Design:

Space is a precious commodity, especially on your desktop or in tight living quarters. The 7-in-1 Desktop Power Strip addresses this concern with its ultra-thin flat plug and 45-degree right-angle design. Measuring a mere 0.35 inches in thickness, the flat plug allows the power strip to sit flush against the wall, making it a perfect fit behind furniture, beds, and even refrigerators. This design ensures that not a single inch of space goes to waste.

Perfect Travel Companion:

For those on the move, the 7-in-1 Desktop Power Strip is the ultimate travel companion. Boasting no surge protection, it's a must-have accessory for both home and cruise ship use. Many cruise lines prohibit surge-protected power strips, making this power strip compliant with travel regulations. Its compact size and lightweight build ensure that it's easy to carry, making it an essential tool for travelers who need reliable and efficient charging wherever they go.

Safety First:

Your safety and the safety of your devices are paramount. The 7-in-1 Desktop Power Strip is certified by ETL and FCC, conforming to UL STD. This certification guarantees protection against over-current, over-charge, short circuit, and overheating. Additionally, its fire-resistant PC shell with flame retardant at 1382℉ ensures durability and a longer lifetime, providing peace of mind while you charge your devices.


The 7-in-1 Desktop Power Strip redefines the way we charge our devices. With its impressive charging capabilities, sleek design, and focus on safety, it's the ideal solution for every charging scenario – be it in your college dorm room, home, office, bedroom, or kitchen. Experience the convenience of simultaneous charging without the clutter, and take advantage of this modern essential that elevates your charging experience to new heights. Don't miss out on the chance to revolutionize your charging routine with the 7-in-1 Desktop Power Strip.